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Parts stealing squirrel captured by officials
Humor dkrager writes "

After an exhaustive joint investigation by Interpol and the FBI, Authorities have finally released a photo of the alleged parts stealing squirrel captured by surveillance cameras during a multinational sting operation conducted in North Carolina. USA

Posted by administrator on Tuesday, May 31 @ 03:10:34 EDT (2179 reads)
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Doh! Tales of the idiot backyard mechanic
Humor jgw writes "Congratulating forself for having figured out that the boiling battery on '83 Suzuki was a bad rectifier, I went down to the dealor and bent over for an OEM one.

Seeing that the bike was already on it's second rectifier I decided to get anal and cut the wires back of the (very nice) solder job so as to have only one junction.

Moments after making the cut I notice that the three wires on the other side of junction are NOT colour coded. Doh!

Two hours of magnifying glass forensic examination later I figure I know which wire was snipped from which. I am sweating about this by now. Arse still sore from OEM rectifier insertion. Calculating odds of getting it wrong (It's like Three Card Monte - a 2 to 1 bet against 3 to 1 odds - you are always gonna lose).

In this case I think I've won (I think I know where the Queen is) and everything works perfectly.

Again congratulating myself on my CSI - forensic ability I start repeating the story. Then I stumble on this great web-site - Electrix Fault Finding Chart:

I check for CBX stuff first and then go to the Suzuki stuff.

First thing they say in the Suzuki section is that if you are here to find out which colour coded rectifier wire goes to which yellow generator wire - IT DOESN'T MATTER!!

So then, I am a goof for cutting wires without complete inspection - on both sides of the junction, and compleat idiot for thinking I have a knack for get outing of a self-inflcited jam with forensic wire cut examination.

I probably didn't get them hooked up as they were anyway...

Homer Simpson lives!

Posted by administrator on Sunday, December 12 @ 17:59:07 EST (2854 reads)
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Turbo CBX's reportedly seen in the Virginia City,NV.area.......

Two turbo CBX's were reported to have been observed in the immediate vicinity of beautiful downtown Virginia City,NV.Rumor has it that there was a mass exodus of Harley riders from town upon hearing of these latest developments.......and the banshee howl of the intruders could be heard reverberating throughout the hills surrounding Virginia City.

Posted by sr71cbx on Monday, July 26 @ 06:46:26 EDT (3265 reads)
(comments? | Score: 4.66)

Daytona BEFORE Bike Week

What does the self-proclaimed motorcycle enthusiast do, when other business brings him to Daytona five weeks before “Bike Week”? If there is some free time in the schedule, the question shouldn’t be too difficult to answer: He will tour the motorcycle dealerships. This “tour” has become a routine over recent years and always follows the same route. From “base camp” we go south on A1A two lights and make a right. This leads us to the place where in a few weeks all the hotshots will attempt to strut their stuff. “Main Street”. In early February, however, this is a rather pathetic alley and all the establishments that will then bustle and thrive are merely shags, lost in a rather unsuccessful cry for attention. In an odd way, they seem out of place. The two or three Harleys that can be seen parked on the sidewalk, like early harbingers of things to come, can’t quite convince the innocent bystander that this is actually a place of semi-religious ceremony. As we are not really interested much in the “poser-bike” activities, there is no need to stop. Not even for Corbin’s “Taj Mahal”, as most of the stuff to be seen there – as we were able to find out in previous years - is of that particuler genre. So, on we go across the Main Street Bridge, and here it begins, as soon as we reach the other end: BMW of Daytona Beach. One of the few dealerships of the German brand in the U.S., that is exclusively that and seems to be sucessful by doing so. The complete model range is well represented with a great amount of bikes on display. The “Beemer” guys are a strange folk. While they are not as ignorant about other bikes and bikers as most of our fellow riders of brand “H”, they still have that elusive and arrogant air about them, which mostly stems from them being “die-hard” riders who have little or no understanding for anyone who puts less than 40,000 miles on his/her bike in a year. (Now, before I get a lot of hate-mail for this: I have a BMW too and have attended some BMWOA rallies!). I still like them, because one thing is for sure: They know how to ride! So, it is not really surprising, that some of the used machines have a lot of miles on the clock, although they are just 3, 4 or 5 years old. It is also not surprising to find some other brand trade-ins. Yamaha Royal Stars, Kawasaki Vulcans, a Honda CB919 and even a Harley 1200 Sportster. What is surprising, though, is that the owner has one of his own precious jewels on display, and it is not a Daytona Orange R90S, but a same period machine from a little further South:

A 1975 Square Case Ducati 750SS. Sitting in a special corner all by its glory self, roped off from extensive public traffic. When asked, whether it is for sale, the salesman first shakes his head but then makes the universal guesture of rubbing the tips of thumb and forefinger against each other, letting you know that here, everything is for sale - for the right price. All this two-wheel talk, joking and remeniscing has taken too much time and we decide to skip the least interesting of the dealerships a few blocks South – Daytona Beach Harley Davidson. And I am sure, if Robison would still own the franchise, we would have stopped. So, we turn North to proceed to PCS. Tony Foster always has an interesting collection of bikes, both for sale in his small showroom and in his shop that he he is working on. And we are not disappointed. Two Bimotas, a rare, early Ducati SP homologation bike, a Triumph Hurricane

And – the second surprise of the day – two CBXes. A 3,000 mile 1981 that is sitting waiting for a new owner, and a 17,000 mile silver 79, he is working on, which will be for sale once he is done.

I have learned something about Tony, that I never knew: That he has been into CBXes for the last 25 years! The rest of the day until it is time to part to meet with the rest of the crew for dinner is spent chatting with Tony. The man just amazes me. How he always makes you feel like he was waiting for you all day to come in, so he could talk to you. No matter how busy he is. Like George Roeder used to be. One of the few great shop owners left out there. A dying breed. They are getting run over by the “boutique” shops. If you have one in your area, make sure you take your business there. Even if you pay a Dollar more for a chain or a tire or a helmet. The world will be a lesser place without them. The day finally ends in another great place: Gene’s Steakhouse out West on International Speedway Blvd, halfway between Daytona and Deland. A table right next to Bob Snodgrass and Hurley Haywood, the company can’t get any better. A great New York Strip steak, a bottle of our favorite Italian Chianti Classico and by far the best Key Lime Pie you can buy in a restaurant! Believe me!

Posted by administrator on Friday, February 13 @ 11:30:57 EST (7981 reads)
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Good excuse
Humor dkrager writes "A biker was rolling through town on his custom, fastest bike in town. He's going around a bend when he rolls up on a cop. The blue lights come on and out rolls the cop. The biker thinks, "He'll never catch me in that car" and takes off. Several miles later the cop is still behind him as he pulls over.

The cop walks up to the biker and asks for his license. Then the cop says, "OK. I've had a crappy day, and I'm ready to head home. Come up with a good excuse for speeding away from me and I'll let you go."

The biker looks at the cop and replies, "The old lady left me last week for a cop. I was afraid it was you and you were trying to bring her back."

Cop hands him his license and tells him to have a nice ride home. "
Posted by administrator on Wednesday, August 13 @ 14:59:26 EDT (2095 reads)
(comments? | Score: 2.5)

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