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Welcome to Honda CBX Motorcycle World

Owner 0-60n4 Photo Daytona Bike week 2014

DV13 CBX rally April 5th thru 8th, 2013
Rally News The dates & reservations have been set up at Furnace Creek Ranch Resort for the weekend of April 5th, 6th, 7th, & 8th, 2013, Friday thru Monday respectively. There are 12 rooms in the Parkside area that have been reserved for us @ $160/nite(peak period, higher rates)plus 12% tax, etc. total cost per night will be $209.20 & 1st night automatically charged to your credit card when you make your reservation. Call the reservation dept. @ (760)786-2345 & ask for booking #526700 for the CBX group, should be king size or 2 queen beds available. Looking forward to this next spring! Any questions, etc. email me at: & let me know, keep the shiny side up!
Posted by sr71cbx on Monday, September 10 @ 16:36:32 CDT (1691 reads)
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Upcoming CBX rallies for 2012
Rally News The west coast CBX crew will be getting together on July 20th thru 22nd, 2012 in Reno, NV for a great weekend of fun & riding & good food & times with good friends! Also stay tuned for info on Morro Bay 2012, at the Morro Bay Inn Sept. 7th thru 10th, 2012, held in conjunction with the Drunks & Bums ride to Bigfork, Montana & back to Morro Bay. D & B ride will commence Aug. 29th or thereabouts and arrive in Bigfork, MT for Labor Day weekend at Dave Gaines' home there, ride out to Morro Bay Tuesday the 4th of Sept. or thereabouts. Stay tuned for more info on these classic events, & keep the shiny side up!
Posted by sr71cbx on Sunday, May 13 @ 00:00:00 CDT (3087 reads)
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Rally News

Well what can I say other than Rickie Whites rally was truly superb. I know rallies are not everyone’s cup of tea but can only say you do not know what you are missing. 

I went over via Dublin with Nick and Amanda Hare on the HSS from Holyhead and thank them for allowing me to share their B&B which was around six miles from the rally site at Ballinamallard  Football club, County Fermanagh. We took the new N3 motorway up through the centre of Ireland which is excellent with hardly any traffic and only a small two euro toll to pay. Rickie arranged some of the best weather for many a long day and the site was excellent. Club members had full use of the catering facilities etc and Rickie had laid on all day tea and coffee and we even received a goodie bag from the local tourist dept run by biker Eddie McGovern. A nice touch Rickie.

Alan Winter who has recently recovered from serious illness was on hand to show us the beautiful trophies he had designed made for the rally and also the ones he has made for the euro rally which Amanda was taking back to Kent. They are made with various engine parts Alan had lying about in his garage! See picture. Good to have you back Alan. Rickie had laid on a sumptuous steak meal each night and the famous Ulster breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Entertainment was laid on each evening with a truly professional band on Saturday night. Nick and I managed to win spanners and sets of screwdrivers in the raffle so we had every base covered!

On Saturday we had a ride out to Mullaghmore which was a round trip of just under one hundred and fifteen miles which in the hot weather was just enough. Mullaghmore  is of course the small fishing village where Lord Mountbatten was killed during the troubles in 1979. At the start of the rideout Rickie had arranged for a police escort and further police at junctions in Enniskillen so the just under thirty cbx’s could thunder through the town. You should have seen the car drivers and pedestrians faces as we passed through. Now I know how a king or queen must feel carrying everything before them! Another nice touch Rickie.On the way back we stopped in a valley the name of which I did not find out but nevertheless it was beautiful and green with shear cliffs and a salmon and trout river running through.

It was great to meet so many of our members from both Northern and Southern Ireland who have only been a voice on the telephone or a name on an email.Great to meet you all.The concours awards were as follows. Best  Twin Shock, Michael McBride, Best Pro-link  Colin Stafford, Best Modified,Vince Noone, Best Special, John Currie. Best Paint, Norman Witherley. I cannot finish without mentioning Gaynor Helsby who came over with husband Graeme and their two dogs ho were in the sidecar of their superb pro-link outfit. Gaynor managed to break an ankle in Stranraer before boarding the ferry. She fell off a curb I believe but nevertheless after treatment at the local hospital Gaynor still came on to the rally. True grit as I am sure many would have given up and gone home. We felt it was only right to give Gaynor  the Best in Show award.

Well done to Rickie and his helpers and thanks to you all for making it such an enjoyable event. 

Mel Watkins

Chairman UK CBX Riders Club

Posted by administrator on Saturday, June 26 @ 15:06:41 CDT (4454 reads)
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Reno Nevada 2010 CBX Meet July 23/24
Rally News

Hey everyone,

The annual CBX meet in Reno(formerly Carson City), NV is a go! Got the word from Trish Trenoweth, the sales director for the facility today and we are all set. Darrell Peck set most of this up already so thanx to him for his efforts, too, he has been ill and hospitalized(home now)so I took care of the rest for him.

There are 8 ea. 1-king size bed rooms and 7(now 6, just made my reservation)2-queen bed rooms available at a cost of $92.65/night plus room tax, includes breakfast Sun. morning and we get preferred parking out front of the facility like last year.

Call (775)851-8300 and make your reservation, ask for one of the rooms for CBX club group/Mark Miller. Dates are 7/23 and 7/24/10 with checkout 7/25/10.Rooms not reserved by June 23rd, 2010 will be put back into hotel inventory-get 'em now, folks!

Facility address is: Reno Courtyard by Marriott-South 6855 S. Virginia St. Reno, NV 89511

Easy access off US395, from south, get on US395 freeway from business route and go up to Virginia St. exit and get off, go north past Green Acres Drive and turn left into facility(in back part of big strip mall)at Sierra Center Pkwy.

From north, get off US395 at Neil Rd./Del Monte Ln. exit and turn left under freeway and then turn right on S. Virginia St. and go down to Sierra Center Pkwy and turn right into strip mall, you will see the facility in the back.

Questions, call me at (818)841-2546 or Darrell at (805)388-3331, or email me at or here at and I will get back to you ASAP.

See you all there! I got our room already........ Ride/drive safe and keep the shiny side up.

Mark Miller & crew

Posted by administrator on Friday, May 07 @ 19:48:16 CDT (4184 reads)
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Death Valley 2010 CBX Rally
Rally News

Death Valley 2010 CBX Rally

Suited up and threw a leg over the faithful steed, then hit the choke & starter button. The staccato rasp of a barely-muffled turbocharged Honda CBX filled the cool morning air with its hair-raising sound as small animals and birds took flight and ran for cover. I snicked the undercut trans into 1st gear and slid the clutch out to get underway for the 13th annual Death Valley CBX rally. I topped off with as much premium fuel as could be packed in the tank and headed for the highway to air out the venerable turbo CBX's ample lungs and enjoy one of the more righteously fun rides we've all been doing out west here.

After cleaning out the cobwebs from the compressor housing, I settled the beast into a steady 75mph cruising speed and headed north through the urban sprawl of L.A. and the San Fernando Valley, then out of town on State Rte. 14 north to the 1st planned refuel stop in beautiful downtown Mojave, CA. Once more hi-octane(?) fuel was added to the thirsty steed's tank, luggage security was checked and I was on my way once again. Heading north on 14, I settled back and listened to the CBX's music emanate from the single 3" dump tube from the turbine outlet and enjoyed the desert scenery and solitude. Veering off the main highway on a slightly more northeasterly course on Randsburg-Redrock Road, I ran the bike up to a slightly higher cruising speed and wicked the throttle a few times as the turbocharged six belted out its music. Several minutes later, the turnoff for the Garlock Rd. cutoff appeared and I veered left and onto the road. Several wide flat-out sweepers met me and the seething six as we ate up asphalt(and fuel)at an alarming rate! All too soon, US395 appeared at a stop sign, and I turned left onto the highway and went up to another turnoff known as Searles Station Cutoff Rd., swung right on this road and cleared the railroad tracks at a reduced speed to keep the bottom of the bike intact. I proceeded to where the cutoff dumped me onto Trona Rd. and kept at a speedy northeasterly pace and soon came to State Rte. 178 east of Ridgecrest, CA. Turning right onto the road, I accelerated briskly up to cruising speed and followed it through the small canyon and some nice sweeper turns, and then turned with the road on a northerly direction past the borax plants and Searles Dry Lake en route to fuel stop #2 for the ride.

Having had some cold water and a pit stop for the pilot as well as the bike, I got on the black turbo six and swung out into the highway going north out of the bustling metropolis of Trona, CA. Once city limits were cleared, I turned up the wick slightly and went over the summit going out of town into the Panamint Valley. After the twisty section going down the grade was cleared, the road straightened out after several excellent wide sweeper turns and I threw some fire into the turbo unit, quickly accelerating up to an illegally fast cruising speed and just as quickly arriving at the intersection of Panamint Valley Rd. and Wildrose Cyn. Road. A short inflight breather was taken with more cold water and some munchies, then out on Panamint Valley Rd. at a healthy clip to State Rte. 190, the main west-east artery into Death Valley Nat'l Park.

I maneuvered the CBX onto the highway and very quickly accelerated around a motorhome and a couple of unsuspecting cars, then cranked up the throttle and let the turbo spool up and fill the CBX's lungs with copious amounts of premium fuel up the grade and excellent twisties up to Towne Pass at 4900 ft., the last bit of cool air before dropping down the narrow canyon and twisties where the road finally straightened out. I cranked on the throttle some more and cleared some air on a few dips/rises in the otherwise straight highway and kept in it unitl it sputtered and ran out the main tank. I hit my reserve fuel and proceeded a bit more cautiously into Stovepipe Wells, an out post at the west end of the park. Fuel was added with some modifiers to allow for regular fuel to be run, and I grabbed some more cold water from the tank bag.

Upon refreshing myself and my faithful ride, I then set out for the 25 mile ride to the Furnace Creek Ranch Resort facility along a nicely paved road and proceeded well below sea level according to the roadside signs posted along the way. I pulled into the facility, parked in the shade as high temps were affecting the power output of the ride at this point, and got my room and proceeded down to where the whole crew let out a recognizing yell as I pulled into the parking area, and they pressed a cold drink into my hand upon disembarkment from the turbo CBX.

This is what it's all about--good bikes, good friends, good food/drink, and most of all, good times!! Death Valley is one of our more fun runs and the most relaxing in my opinion.

DV10 will be held April 23rd, 24th, 25th, & 26th, 2010--last date for group reservation is March 22nd, so get 'em in now!!

Click here for more info: DV10 Rally info

Come on out and join in the fun!!

Posted by administrator on Sunday, March 14 @ 15:04:35 CDT (4279 reads)
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