Details of the record

User IDfasterspider
Owners NameRay Fitzpatrick
Model Year1979
Frame NumberCB12012171
Engine NumberCB1E2012306
ColorCandy Glory Red
State, ProvinceCa
CityNorth Hollywood
Primary UseDaily Rider
Year of purchase2005
Purchase Price$2800.00
ConditionVery Good
Brand of tiresBridgestone
Oil PreferenceMotul 20w50 soon to be Amsoil
AccessoriesHondaline clock
ModificationsSport kit install JMC Swing arm Works Performance shocks US Model CB1100F mag wheels and TRAC Forks 79 CB750F 150 mph speedo cluster
CommentsI am faily new to the CBX but the bike is a part of me now and she is a steady work in progress that keeps me happy most of the time.
ProblemsBought bike with locked motor, had to replace. The damned tail cowling broke off and flew away at speed on the freeway because of the poor workmanship from Corbin seats. Other than that, my CBX will out handle most.

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