Details of the record

User IDjgw
Owners NameJ. G. Wilson
Model Year1979
Frame NumberCB12011787
Engine NumberCB1E-2011826
State, ProvinceBC
Primary UseDaily Rider
Year of purchase2003
Purchase PriceGift
ConditionVery Good
Brand of tiresMetzeler
Oil Preference
AccessoriesEuro (Sport) Kit.  Engine guards and luggage rack still in boxes because I do not really like the look of either of them.

Dyna coils and Dyna S Ignition.  "J.R." alternator conversion.  Taylor braided plug wires. Corbin gunfighter.  Russell brake-lines.  AGM Battery. MAC "yellow" chrome exhaust.  Drilled rotors.  Rectangular mirrors.  81-82 blinkers front and rear (stock round ready to go on)

CommentsA gift from little brother who left it on its side-stand for 9 years.  When I took posession all brakes seized, exhausts rusted completely off at the collectors and steering head bearings had lumps - not counting everything else you'd expect from having leaned on stand for 9 years. 

Valve stem seals.  No. 5 not quite up to temp and compression and carb's not yet quite perfect.  I should do the top end, but my mechanic does sleds all winter and will only do bikes in the summer.  And love riding the thing too much to take it off the road in the summer - so it uses a bit of oil - but still turns heads.


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