Details of the record

User IDBeastman
Owners NameAndrew Beaur
Model Year1981
Frame NumberJH2SC060XBC
Engine NumberSC03E-2300809
ColorMagnum Gray
State, ProvinceWA
CityFriday Harbor
Primary UseOccasional Rider
Year of purchase2012
Purchase Price100.00
Brand of tiresMichelin
Oil PreferenceDynaCycle
AccessoriesStandard OEM components.
CommentsThis bike sat in a California storage unit for the past 10+ yrs. when our customer purchased it about a month ago. So far our shop (Beast Powersports) has overhauled the braking system, rebuilt the forks, replaced both front and rear tires and addressed a few electrical issues. The motor is currently in non-running condition. We have advised the owner to overhaul the fuel system, separate the clutch discs and to change all fluids before attempting to start the motor after all these years. He is content to piece meal each issue over time in hopes to have a safe reliable runner by next spring.
ProblemsEngine in non-running condition due to extensive (10+yrs) storage time.

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