Details of the record

User IDraincheck
Owners NameRon Starr
Model Year1981
Frame NumberSC060BC300582
Engine NumberNew School Engine
ColorMagnum Gray
State, Provinceca
Primary UseOccasional Rider
Year of purchase2005
Purchase Price3,500
Mileage1,100 on New En
Brand of tiresOther
Oil PreferenceCastorl M/C 20/50
Accessories    Many ~  Corbin color match Canyon seat with red welt and passenger  back rest, Taller tinted wind shield, Oil temp gauge, Oil pressure gauge. New Tires, Drive Chain, Front shock forks rebuilt, and new steering stem bearings,  front brake rotors with 1,500 miles on them, and new brake pads, rebuilt front master cylinder and calipers.

   Accel Coils, rebuilt 81 carbs, with Dyno-jet stage 1,  Racer 1 exhaust, 6:1, or Laser stock type, 6:2, or unknown manufacture, black, 6:1 exhaust.   I installed a new School Engine it, and left it stock, using the 81 carbs, And for better highway cruse speeds, I put a 38 tooth rear sprocket on. It takes away the stop sign punch, but more then makes up for it on the freeway, and the darn thing get's 40 mpg, on the freeway, when not braking speed limits, around town mileage sucks, low 30's

    I have rebuilt 79 carb's, with Dyno-Jet stage one, using Randakk kits, and 79 cam's, for it, not installed yet.


   I'm not a purest, I didn't like the stock saddle bags, there gone, I didn't like the stock exhaust, It's gone.  I built this bike to be a Beautiful classic, a streamlined above average running, and responsive machine,  I think it is, I like it, and that is all that should matter. 

   With the new tires and the rebuilt front fork shocks, and steering new steering stem bearings, it handles outstanding. I'm very impressed with this 27, or depending how you look at it, 28 Year Old Machine.

  With only one small - tiny dent in fuel tank, and with no scratches or rust, it is a true classic CBX in every sence of the word.

   It only has 1,100 miles on it now, and It's like driving a brand new ~ old School Super Bike, only Better.

              It may be for sale. that is all I will say on that matter right now.


  The only problem I encountered was that old engine, and I solved it with a New "0" Mile School Engine,  That darn thing is sweet.



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