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Date: Saturday, January 17 @ 11:33:52 EST
Topic: Technical

Rivco's recent offer prompted me to do some serious research. The following, are my findings.
Rivco does not produce the best 6:6 system for the CBX. I have been told that their materials are substandard.
Since this revelation, I have contacted Powerflow, (stainless steel) Pipemasters, (stainless steel), and Laser/Jama, (triple chrome, nice welds.). I am awaiting estimates from them on cost (including shipping). I gear all my conversations with these companies towards a bulk order, as to try and lower the price for all interested parties.
Powerflow only manufactures these systems in South Africa. Powerflow, in the UK, is an entirely different company. Pipemasters, Australia, still produces the 6:6. I am awaiting word from the owner, on cost, inclusive of shipping. Pipemasters also informed me that they have made upgrades to their jig which addressed earlier fitting issues. Laser/Jama ceased production on 6:6 a while ago. I have made inquiries as to whether they will consider producing this system once again. I will keep all of you informed as to my progress with these companies.
I began this endeavor to replace my rusted OE system with the most "impressive" pipes possible. I think them to be a fitting match for the CBX's impressive nature. (To each our own, gentleman.)
Ultimately, I will purchase one of these systems - and quality and price will decide which one, price being second.

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