Timely: update to Rivco 6:6 exhausts
Date: Tuesday, January 13 @ 11:56:13 EST
Topic: Announcements

Further communication with Rivco owner has produced the following:


I have shared the news of Rivco's "end of production", for the 6:6 and 6:1 exhaust systems for the CBX, with the CBX World forum. I hope this aids you in some way with regard to expediting the sale of this equipment. However, I would much rather have this announcement ignite one last increase in demand for these exhaust systems, thus creating an opportunity for one final production run. Would you consider additional orders for these systems if the the orders were secured and plentiful?

I look forward to your reply,

John Aitchison

Hi John

Yes I would consider making more sets of the 6 into 6 system. We would need orders for 20 sets to stay at the current price of $995. The lead time to produce them would be 12-14 weeks. If you think there are enough people who will place an order with a small deposit then we will build them again. Let me know.


It's always good to get one last chance at the end of a production run, whatever the product. How many times do we ponder, "if only I had known, I would have ordered a set". Now we all know!

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