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Date: Wednesday, December 10 @ 21:57:07 EST
Topic: News

The year 2003 has proven to be a banner year for CBX web surfers all over the world. For a while it seemed as though we had somewhat fallen into a sleep. Things are starting to change now with wonderful new sites coming online like Pat OíNeillís CBX site based in the United Kingdom. http://www.cbx6.co.uk

The site is very well done with a fresh clean look. It offers excellent coverage of events and rallies such as the Stafford Bike Show held just this month and the 2003 Euro Rally. The site also offers classified advertising. A message board, newsletter and a whole lot more. With all of that going for it there is little wonder why it is quickly becoming one of the premier CBX sites on the web . If you love the CBX Motorcycle it's worth a look.

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