Double Six Cylinder
Date: Friday, October 24 @ 11:45:55 EDT
Topic: News

We have a picture of it in the gallery for a long time, but now, finally, a ride report of Allen Millyard's 12-cylinder double KZ1300 is available. The December issue of "Motorcyclist" has a 4-page article with pics. Story was written by the renowned Roland Brown. He let's Millyard explain in some detail how he crafted the engine, which is very interesting to read. Especially the connecting rod part is intriguing. The fuel injection incorporates "volume switches from a radio which allow the system to be fine-tuned". When riding the monster, Brown calls the V-12 "well-behaved and oil-tight"; "..massively torquey, responding cleanly when I wound the throttle from below 2000rpm in top gear". Millyard finally explains that he is not planning to sell the V-12. "All my two-strokes are gone now. I've had a few inquiries about the V-eight, too, and might be tempted. But it would take a really silly offer before I'd sell the V-12. It took me so long to make. Almost every evening for nine months. Now I just want to have some fun on it."
No kidding!!

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