The 2003 ICOA Southern California ride was a great success.
Date: Monday, October 20 @ 06:11:35 EDT
Topic: Rally News

The Southern Calif. CBX club membership had their anual ride today 10/19, We met at Darell Pecks spread about five clicks north of the Canejo Grade in beautiful Camarillo California. Around 8AM the bikes started rolling in. Rod Libby on his brand spankin new FJ1300, DD on his vintage 79' GS 850G, and Garry Allen on his radical "Frankenstein" CBX sport bike. Long time member Harvey Bjormstad rode his 79' model for the last time with this reporter alongside Robvert Radbone' s trick 79 with a matching Candy Red Fairing from Orange County. Harvey says he was 5'8" and 150 lbs when he bought his 79' but now 21 years later he is 5'3" and 120 lbs. and " cannot contain the CBX beast". Harvey is such an animal! They broke the mold!!!! Anyway a new member - Jim from Corona CA. took Harvey up on his offer to sell the 79" and will be scoping out a bike which will match his riding posture. (Old CBX'ers never die...they won't even fade away....) Anyway we all left Darell Pecks place around 10AM and took 40 miles of backroads to the much ballyhood Rock Store in Malibu. No, Peter Fonda had other commitments but Jay Leno filled in nicely between questions about his NEW Buell Lightning. We left he Rockstore and made the ardrous 75 mile treck back to Darrell's house (which was about 15 miles away as the Crow flies!) through every mountain road in the Santa Monica National Recreational forrest! A barbecue feast of Turkey, Nachos, benchracing, and tall tales of a poor GL 1800 and ST1300 beating up on a fat tail Harley were spun...oh what fun we had!

Jeff Ellmore

ICOA #5241
P.S. Harvey is the guy 2nd from the left in front with the coke can in his hand.

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