NHTSA is looking at the GL1800 Gold Wing Suspension
Date: Monday, September 29 @ 18:13:52 EDT
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NHTSA Investigates GL1800 Frame Complaints.

In an investigation opened August 11, 2003 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) of the U.S. Department of Transportation officially began looking into complaints of rear suspension collapse affecting a small number of 2001-2003 GL 1800 Gold Wings from an estimated population of 10,000 units.

NHTSA's resume of the situation cites four instances of weld failures of centerstand crossmembers leading to separation from the frame, and four instances of cracks appearing in this weld area.
NHTSA has opened a preliminary evaluation and information gathering process based on confirmed instances.
As of September 2003 Honda has only said they are in the process of conducting their own investigation. However, in seven out of eight instances cited in the explanatory memorandum accompanying the NHTSA resume, Honda has executed a buyback of the unit in question.
The NHTSA resume summarizes:"...The lowermost crossmember (to which the centerstand and rear suspension linkage are attached) separates due to failure of the welds securing it to the frame. When this occurs. the rear suspension collapses without warning and the motorcycle undercarriage (typically the retracted centerstand) drags on the ground. In some instances, rear tire/fender contact also results.

GWRRA (Gold Wing Road Riders Association) recommends that all Members who own 2001-2003 GL 1800's perform visual checks of the crossmember welds of their machines, and / or schedule a visit to their Honda dealership to have a visual check performed.

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