Date: Monday, September 29 @ 10:37:28 EDT
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PICKERINGTON, OHIO -- The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA), reacting to a CBS News report on so-called "extreme street riding," points out that this illegal and dangerous conduct represents only a small percentage of the American motorcycling community.

The CBS News "Eye on America" report, which aired during the September 25th broadcast of "The CBS Evening News with Dan Rather," documented groups of motorcyclists, primarily in the Dallas area, who ride at high speeds and perform stunts on public streets and highways. A CBS News producer, conducting research for the report, had contacted the AMA in mid-August.

"For the most part, the CBS News segment correctly portrayed extreme street riding as an isolated phenomenon," said Tom Lindsay, AMA Public Information Director. "It's unfortunate, however, that the irresponsible conduct of such a small number of motorcyclists gets national attention, while the overwhelming majority of American motorcyclists are responsible and law-abiding."

The AMA believes that stunt riding, like that portrayed in the CBS News report, has no place on public streets and highways, where it endangers both motorcyclists and other motorists.

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