Production of the Big Motor Scooters is Heating Up
Date: Thursday, September 04 @ 18:32:31 EDT
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Not to be out gunned, but another announcement of the production of a 2.0 liter motorcycle, has made the news today. Look out because the world of heavy cursers is going into full production. Now itís Kawasaki turn. The Kawasaki guys have announced they are going to produce a Monster 2000cc V-Twin Vulcan, well eat my words from the earlier story.

This will be a mass production V- Twin motor

The Monster Motor will be a Big Bore of 103mm and a 123.2mm Stroke so add it all up and it will equal 2 liter, continuing with modern features it will be liquid cooled nothing new here. But new here is only liquid cooling to the top quarter of the heads, and the heads of course will be 4 valves per cylinder. Something new here as well the over head cam configuration is gone. They will be using a push rod setup, looking somewhat like a Harley Davison and they claim that this set up will eliminate the required valve adjustments.

Now that you are rolling along with this new Kawasaki Monster Motor cruiser and you have to bring her down, what will be stopping this rolling hot rod, well they have put some big binders on here as well. Up on the front are 300mm 4 piston disc brakes on each side, and on the back just a big 320mm 2 piston disc brake caliper.

So laying down the power to the rear tire (which will be a 200/60 x 16) will be a five speed transmission and is put to the back wheel by a Belt Drive.

Well after seeing the Monster Motor V-Twin belt drive, it is looking even more like the other motor companies products, better known as Harley Davison, seems like Kawasaki is after this market and after it hard. But now here comes the kicker, seeing that Honda has put the price tag on their scooter at $24,499 and Triumph will not say as of yet but is speculating under $20,000. The people at Kawasaki have not announced any price or even speculate on theirs, so we might have to hold on for a second mortgage on the old house because prices sure arenít getting any cheaper.

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