The Badest, Fastest, Best Looking Kickass Turbo CBX In My World
Date: Saturday, October 21 @ 17:55:44 EDT
Topic: Technical

Let me tell you a few things about this bike. I started with a stock frame with a few mods done to it. Mike Donndelinger in California did most of the custom work. As most of you know he is one of the best. He has done a lot of custom work to many bikes in the past as well as his personal race bikes. Some of the great work he has put into this bike include:

A custom Swing arm, 1 quart extension oil pan, which is a great mod to any CBX. The front forks are kick ass. They are what he has on his race bike equipped with Race Tec emulators. Works rear shocks, Custom Dymag magnesium wheels so it will work on a CBX (light as a feather). Custom built aluminum parts to hold the PM 4 piston front brakes, floating front disc, Spiegler SS braided brake lines, gold front fork tubes and rear sprocket. (Just a touch of class) Custom built brake stay built by Preston Marks (352-494-7904). The turbo motor was built by Preston with a little help from me. (Check out his article put on CBX World). Carrillo rods (TIMS), Black diamond valves (TIMS), NOS Honda balanced crank, Flat top low compression piston custom made for me (TIMS has them now), chrome molly studs (TIMS), late model NOS set of cases, NOS head, NOS cylinder, heavy duty clutch springs in a Prolink clutch basket, All HONDA gaskets (Took forever to find them), full Honda sport kit, black paint work done by TIMS. Their paint work is the best that I have ever seen. (I think the black makes the motor stand out). 8 inch front headlight (Suzuki), 1100F Oil cooler (will go to a 13 row Earls later). A Prolink rear dual piston brake system. Check out the 300km speedo (180MPH), Corbin seat (TIMS), Old time finned cam covers and crank covers and just a touch of chrome to make it shine. The pipes are ceramic coated and custom made to fit the Honda sport kit. Note the wire that is by the front master cylinder for my radar detector. Iím also running AVON AM23 V260 front and rear tires.

I can keep on going but this just lets you know what this bad boy is all about. The rear vanity plate reads 79-TRBO.

I will be adding a front stabilizer when I find one that I like. Based upon whatís in this bike and how it runs it should be close to 200 hp (I will dyno it). At this time the bike is running 13 lbs of boost.

The bike needs a front faring to deflect the wind, but I will not put one on. I hate the way they look. I like and tried to keep the bike looking like a CBX and not a recreation of a new bike. I wanted an old bike look with as close to todayís handling as I could get.

I have had this bike to 154mph and it will keep on going but it will not be with me on it. I could let someone else do it. I could think of a couple guys!

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