Holly Michigan 2006
Date: Tuesday, October 03 @ 19:16:28 EDT
Topic: Rally News

Weather was great for a ride to Holly, Michigan on October 1st - mostly sunny and got to a high of 68 degrees. Over 300 bikes showed up for Vintage Bike Day in Holly and had a good showing from the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club (thanks Scott!).

Last year I was the only one with a CBX and this year there were at least 8 of us. My brother JR (of alternator fame) and my buddy Doug all parked our 1982's together. REDSTEDMAN of Manchester, MI rode his '79 and his buddy rode his '83 1100F. Peter drove in on his 1980 from Bloomfield Hills. Did not get a chance to talk to the other CBXers.

Holly has another show in mid May and this one during the first weekend of October. A lot of vintage bikes as well as some modern rides. But a nice variety of machines -- not too many HD's or Gold Wings. Grabbed a cheeseburger, fries and drink special for $4.99 and made a great afternoon.

Our 82's ran great all day long and I took the rural, twisty backroads to and from Holly. You should have been there!

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