Iron Nutt Rally 2006
Date: Tuesday, October 03 @ 18:38:53 EDT
Topic: Rally News

The Seventh Annual Iron NuTT 6-7-8-9 October 2006 in Saskatoon SK.

Flying in? Reserve a CBX. No Charge, Gratis, Free. ~~ You break it you buy it!! We currently have all years available, act now and don’t be disappointed. Available Currently: -79 with a 100 mile STOH engine, 25,000 mile frame(restored) plus some more in their work clothes -80's in the raw -81 only one to choose from, but a solid ride which hauled it home from Morganton without so much as a fart. -82's we are down to 2. One is the famous 'White Sports Model' A nice way of saying has been down and we tossed away the broken fairing and bags. Goes like a raped ape. Call now to reserve ‘your’ bike.

The agenda? We got Mick and the boys to come by (twice) We have tickets to the Rolling Stone’s Bigger Bang Concert in nearby Regina . (Can’t pronounce those funny Canadian place names?) Friday night – 6 nose bleed section, at about $ 170 with a $ 125 room at a 4 star hotel, included. Sunday is the BIG DEAL main floor, as close as you’d ever want to get to Mick’s lips. Concert ticket is $185.00, room is $ 125, other niceties at market prices.

A ‘quart’ is called a twenty six or a two six, runs about $30.00. Canadian beer is about $ 3/can, but twice as strong as your regular Yankee-water-beer Sit down and do a 6 pack, you’re staying home tonight! Or we’ll drive you around and watch you fall down.

Other stuff: We run a ‘lose rally’ Rides, bullshit sessions, BBQ’s, bullshit sessions, beer is available to all and sundry. More beer and more BS. We do go the extra mile to try to make you welcome in our home province. We’ll do anything we can to show you a good time.

Camping? You can toss out as many bedrolls as you wish. We suggest you stay indoors at one of our homes, but if you insist you can put up your tent in the back yard. Showers and toilets are indoors as the pipes will freeze the end of December!

This is a Canadian Rallye – there might be some skunkweed smell in the neighbourhood, but it’s okay here, we kind of turn a blind eye to anything less than an ounce, and don’t really give a sh*t if Clinton inhales or not. More of the other stuff.

We will do anything to make you feel welcome to Canada ’s longest running, most interesting, Rallye featuring the flattest and straightest roads in all of North America . We’ll attempt to show you the best time you’ve EVER had at a rallye. On and off of your bike! Call, let us know you are coming! CALL 1-800-667-7777 – office hours, ask for Ray.

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