How To Get Pics Of A Super Hot Model On Your CBX For Free!
Date: Saturday, February 11 @ 03:39:07 EST
Topic: Announcements

superdinocbx wrote:
Shelly Renee is a model who has appeared in commercials, an MTV video, and was the Pacifico Beer poster girl. Check out these pics of her having fun in my garage with a CBX engine that I'm building for Rod Libby. No need for a valve cover when Shelly's got things covered!?
Besides being a knockout, Shelly is intelligent, friendly, charming, a talented artist, and successful businesswoman. She also has a lot of guts, her own helmet, and most importantly, her skin is not sensitive to molybdenum disulfide grease!
I met Shelly at a party at a club in San Jose. After chatting with her for a few minutes, I had this crazy notion to ask her to do a table dance for Alan Hutchins, Mark Tieman, and me. So I did. Imagine our surprise when she hopped on to our table and started shaking her stuff! Turns out that she knows how to belly dance too! She really made our day, and it still makes me grin when I think about it!
Shelly recently entered a contest to be the Bone Rock Girl, a spokes model for a Bay Area classic rock radio station, 107.7 a.k.a. The Bone. I thought I would return her favor by posting a few pics to get the word out. Shelly has promised us more pics if our votes help her win the contest. The best part is the pics would be on our bikes at a ride-in BBQ! She would also do a belly dance for us, and I'm sure that would make for some interesting pics as well.
This is a rare opportunity guys, so let's take advantage of it! Voting is easy. It only takes is two minutes of your time to create a username and password on The Bone website. Once you've registered, voting only takes a few seconds.
The next round of eliminations is coming up this Sunday, February 12. After that, there will be six more rounds of voting, with the final round on Saint Patrick's Day, Friday, March 17. Make sure to vote for her each time, and ask your friends to vote too!
Follow this link to register:
And this link to vote:
Please note the voting link may change as the contest progresses. It will be updated as required.
C'mon,gang,give Shelly your support from the CBX community!
See rest of Shelly's pics in the photo galleries under "rallies and events",album is titled "Shelly Renee's pics".

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