CBX Vendor Spotlight
Date: Wednesday, November 09 @ 00:15:15 EST
Topic: Technical

We specialize in fuel system restoration. We have done probably a dozen CBX carbs in the past, and even the Chrome CBX in Cycleworld shown in the TIMS article last year or so.

Our restoration service is reasonable and guaranteed to be right. This is a full time growing business and we are serious about providing solutions.

We have come to find that our best description of our services is The parts department you WISH your dealership was. We know vintage bikes. I was actually a Registered Honda Tech from 85-90 and have worked on many o Honda in my day. We have the skills to develop a specific carburetor for your application. How about FCRs for a CBX? They would be expensive but we could provide that solution.

We have developed CBX air tees made of Brass for the carbs, we have carb kits for all year CBXs documented.

We specialize in discontinued OEM parts for all brands especially Honda.

Give us a try.

Robert P. Reil
Managing Director,
Motorcyclecarbs.com, Inc.
4292 Country Garden Walk NW
Kennesaw, Ga. 30152
Office 770-974-8851
Fax 770-974-8852

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