20th Annual Morro Bay CBX Rally
Date: Friday, September 02 @ 22:54:29 EDT
Topic: Rally News

---OK all,the time is upon us again!Get 'em out and dust 'em off,clean 'em up,gas 'em up and ride!

The 20th annual Morro Bay CBX rally will be next weekend on the 9th,10th,11th,and 12th of this month at the Keystone Sandpiper Inn.Rod Libby,our longtime rally organizer out here,has graciously asked all participants for a $40 rally fee to help cover cost of BBQ on Sat. in the parking lot,plus beer,sodas,chips,and other assorted refreshments & munchies---contact Rod upon arrival to the rally site and he will get you squared away.

There is also a tech session planned for Sat.afternoon in the lot with a CBX engine install/get to run subject theme......should be good! Santa Maria-style BBQ dinner catered in at the Keystone on Sat.evening,see above details---culinary delight par excellence!

See details in "Trip Reports & Rallies" topic for motel details!!The Keystone has sold out long ago,so use the list of overflow motel rooms to secure lodging.
Hope to see everyone there,and ride safe!

------Mark Miller

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