New CDI MPS-200 OKI system
Date: Monday, July 04 @ 00:38:58 EDT
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The Oki MPS-200 ignition

The Oki Mps-200 ignition is the new ignition after the contact breakers ignition. The ignition breakers are replaced by this ignition for a pick up coil. This coil, together with the flywheel with point, determent by this type off ignition the moment of spark given by the ignition coils this total sequence is done by the Oki Mps-200 ignition. In this little ignition box, is one of the components a capacitor and a transistor. The capacitor is placed over the ignition coils and will be short cut with the mass by the transistor. On the moment of short cut, the power will flow over the coil away and there will be in about 8 m/s a spark given over the spark plug.
The ignition coil, when the engine is running, will be continuous powered and uses about three till four amps of electrical power.

The Mark Tronics Module

The Mark Tronics module is just like the Oki Mps-200 a transistor ignition. This module has no capacitor. On the moment that the pick up coil the point of ignition surplices, sell be the ignition coil strength sort circuiting, and the power will flow. After 8 m/s will also here a spark given by the spark plugs. This module has the modern’s technique and will, when the battery and ore starter motor in not 100%, switch over to other modus. Below 9 volts will be the ignition coil constantly powered, on punt of the ignition short circuiting and a spark will be there, when the engine is running and the power is rising it will be shift over to a running mode. The system will even supply with 2 volts a spark.

So why a Mark Tronics module

The Oki has a capacitor. This part uses a determent charged time by a determent voltage to work fore a 100%. When the engine is running stationary this charge time is longer than running max rpm. In simple words the charged time is never ever 100% oke. The mark Tronics does not use this part.
A sort cut power off a capacitor is very sparkly and will supply several flame fronts. The Mark Tronics module has a transistor sort cut, looks like a needle. In this needle the power is more concentrated and so more effective.

The ignition coil is under normal circumstance not continue powered, this saves a lot off electrical power and will supply you more power fore the road.

• By the precise spark, a controlled combustion, so more power
• Controlled combustion, so less fuel consumption
• Exhaust pipes quicker on temp, so better flow results
• More power, hp and Nm, you can feel it on the road
• Better stationary rpm, more quiet and lower
• Different sound by better combustion
• cheaper than original
• cleaner spark plugs and combustion area

You can order the MARK TRONIC on ore web shop.


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