Scaring Fairing Part II
Date: Tuesday, May 31 @ 05:41:12 EDT
Topic: Technical

By Joost Assink AKA "Shorty"

A friend of mine had asked me many times to call him when I was going to start the engine for the first time.

I know his wit and sense of humor, and I was not very eager to have him witness even the smallest mistake that I could have made. He would go on rubbing it in.

My luck now was that he was on his way home from a bike trip to Germany.

I decided that only my wife would be my witness of the first attempt to start the engine.

First I cranked it for 30 seconds, with the ignition switched off and the choke closed, to fill the float bowls and build up oil pressure. Then after 2 seconds of cranking it, having switched the ignition on, it started.
After a few seconds I could open the choke completely and the engine idled at 900 rpm.

The sound is awesome and it runs so smooth I couldn’t believe my ears.

Later that day this friend of mine arrived home from his bike trip to Germany. I had already called his wife to tell her that the bike was alive again. He called me to tell me that I had to keep the promises that he made. The only thing I could do then was take the phone close to the bike and start it. After they had something to eat, they came over to us. They both loved the looks of the bike and he told me that he had always thought that one man taking a bike apart up to the last bolt, and then rebuilds it to have it starting at the first attempt, was not possible.

With a little luck the bike will be valued this week so I can get an assurance for it that will even cover dumb accidents and maybe even self inflicted damage. The weather is terrible now; it has been raining all day. I hope to keep the bike dry at all times, so I don’t have any good pictures now that I can show to you. By the end of the week the weather will be better and I will make the first trip then.

I will take some pictures then and post them. Some of these pictures, I think, will fit to the “Show us your Farkles” section.



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