The 2005 Annual Oregon Crater Lake Run
Date: Sunday, May 15 @ 16:42:06 EDT
Topic: Rally News

From Tom Whaley aka (The Rocketman)

There is going to be another Oregon Crater Lake Run this year. It will be held the second weekend in June 2005 (6-10-05 through 6-12-05) at the Prospect Historical Hotel. There are new owners at the Hotel but the Rally is still welcome there. It is a nonpartisan get together so ride what you want. There is no real agenda planned but with this group a agenda isn't needed. Make your reservations early as there is only so many rooms. There is no rally fee but a donation to help pay for snacks and refreshments are always welcome.

Call the Prospect Historical Hotel @ 541-560-3664 for reservations.

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