Drag Bike For Sale
Date: Saturday, May 14 @ 04:28:22 EDT
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Drag Bike For Sale

This bike was built by Fred Robbins in Winston-Salem, NC in the 80's. He bracket raced it for a year then cannibalized parts for other bikes. I purchased the frame and body a few years ago and started piecing it together. Fred's given me good advice like the only axle he never bent or broke was solid titanium. The rear axle in it is solid ti. Had to find a hunk 25" long and 1" dia. I have a small block chevy with 4 bolt splayed mains, after market rods, twisted wedge trick flow alum heads, steel crank. The paint is original, flawless and beautiful. If I finished it, I was going to try exhibition runs. If you run a hard rubber compound slick and over inflate it just a bit, you should be able to spin it for the whole quarter without hooking up. Do an awesome burn out first and the crowd will be on it's feet. For the drive, Johnny Vickers in LA built the drive for the Bojangles Drag Bike and said he could do one for it. When Fred built the bike originally it had a direct drive like the one in the Bojangles bike.

If you want it, you can contact me at cbxtacy@yahoo.com. It will cost you $5000.00 and I will deliver in the continental U.S. for $.50/mile. Or I'll take it to a major shipping company and they can ship it at your cost. I hope you'd rather have me bring it to you so if you don't like it, you can take it out on me. And my vacation is paid for. Why am I selling it? I have too many projects and if I ever finished this, I have a kevlar crotch protecter to wear when riding it, and I would ride it. Plus-my Mom just fractured her hip and I'm gonna take some time off to help her. They just put 2 pins in and she's moving but she'll be in therapy for a while. 86 year olds don't heal real fast.

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