Scaring Fairing
Date: Tuesday, May 03 @ 23:20:46 EDT
Topic: Technical

By Joost Assink AKA "Shorty"

When I bought my CBX Prolink back in June 2001, the fairing was in a rather BAD shape.
The previous owner had made an attempt to build a radio and speakers in the fairing.
The holes in the fairing to fit the radio and speakers in were probably made with a chainsaw!

I know how to close these holes with fiberglass mats and polyester resin.
Have done it before some twenty years ago when I rebuilt a small fairing to fit another headlight on my Honda CB350 four. ( I may still have a picture of that, hope to find it, and will post it then.

During the last three years I have been busy dismantling and overhauling the bike entirely.
The project is nearly finished now, the only thing I never bothered about was the fairing.
The absence of sponsors caused it to take so long.

When I finally wanted to start “The fairing project”, a friend of mine said: ”A fairing that big, on a such a huge bike, should have a radio mounted”.
He had no problem convincing me, and so I started to think of possible ways to do the job.
Being eager now to get it all done, I first bought a radio and a pair of speakers.

I laid the fairing on the lawn in the backyard, tried to fit the radio in the existing hole and found out that more of the inside of the fairing had to be cut away.
The speakers didn't fit in the holes that were already there, so I had to find a way to modify the fairing in such a way that the speakers would fit.

Some pieces of cardboard were cut in to the right shape to follow the inside of the fairing.
When these were right, I copied them on 2 mm thick epoxy board ( the same material that printed circuit boards are made of) and cut them. With a jigsaw I made the round holes for the speakers. These pieces have been mounted in the fairing with a "two-compound" spackle.

To fix the radio in place I took a piece of plywood some 9mm thick, and with the jigsaw I made a hole in which the radio has a tight fit. The shape of the plywood had to be determined by trial and error. After several hours I got it right, and I was able to fix it to the fairing with the same "two-compound" spackle.

Now I had an other problem, the top rear end of the radio was some 8 mm above the inside of the fairing, and I had to find a way to build some new kind of roof over it.
To keep the added weight to a minimum, I went searching for perforated aluminium sheet metal. That's expensive!! The sheet was cut and bent in shape and mounted on top of the inside of the fairing. When everything was fixed in place, I applied several layers of fiberglass and polyester resin.

Right now I am in the middle of sanding, applying spackle and sanding again.
It is a lot of work, but I will finish the job. In Holland we have a long weekend coming up, so I hope to finish painting the inside of the fairing, and maybe even mount it on the bike.

Following link takes you to a picture album where almost all pictures I have taken during the restoration can be seen.


I will soon be adding more pictures.

Cheers, shorty

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