Death Valley 2005
Date: Monday, February 07 @ 14:24:00 EST
Topic: Rally News

OK,hot off the press from Rod Libby is the info for the annual Death Valley CBX meet at the digs in Furnace Creek Resort in Death Valley Nat'l Park,CA.This longtime favorite ride is a favorite with a lot of west coast CBX owners over the years----and ride what ya brung!

--Here it is,everyone:

Well it's time for another spring gather of CBX enthusiasts in Death Valley. This has become somewhat of a family event, so significant others, etc are more than welcome.

DAY 1: Friday, April 29th

We all meet up in Ridgecrest, CA at the QUALITY INN on Friday afternoon. Refreshments will be served once Angela get's there with the pick-up and coolers. Dinner will be the traditional Mexican.

Quality Inn
507 S. China Lake Blvd.
Ridgecrest, CA

There is NO block of rooms reserved, so make you own reservation.

DAY 2: Saturday, April 30th

After breakfast, etc., we'll ride into Death Valley around 10AM. Officially, we can't check in at the FURNACE CREEK RANCH RESORT until 4PM. However, historically, some rooms have been ready as early as 2PM.

Furnace Creek Ranch Resort (2 Nights)
Highway 190
Death Valley, CA
Ask for Group Booking Number 6629
There are 18 rooms by the pool reserved under CBX Club. You will have to call and reserve one of these rooms with an advance deposit.

Usually, once we get to Stovepipe Wells, some may split up into smaller groups to ride the valley before the rooms are available.

Group Dinner: We have the option of going back to the "Wrangler Steakhouse" like we've done all the previous years, or I can arrange for a "Under the Stars" outdoor BBQ in the Date Grove. So, let me know soon what you prefer. The outdoor option is approx $35/person (exc. bev) with a 25 person minimum.

After dinner we usually hit the pool and the coolers.

DAY 3: Sunday, May 1st

After breakfast, we ride the Valley. The length of the ride depends on the temperature (at this time of year, it could be 85F or up to 110F). If it's too hot, then we'll head back to the pool and enjoy an afternoon of socializing with fell CBX enthusiasts.

DAY 4: Monday, May 2nd

After breakfast, we say good-bye to new and old friends and then ride home.
Since I'm no longer an ICOA CA Director, this meet is "non-partisan" because it's not sanctioned or affiliated with the ICOA or CBXWORLD.COM (although many of the regular participants are members of one or both organizations). You do not need to ride your precious CBX to this event, many of us old farts (including me) will ride more current technology. However, recent history has shown that about half of the participants still ride their CBX's to such events. There will be nothing to sign and no rally fee (refreshment donations are appreciated). Just show up and have fun.
Rod Libby

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