Doh! Tales of the idiot backyard mechanic
Date: Sunday, December 12 @ 16:59:07 EST
Topic: Humor

Congratulating forself for having figured out that the boiling battery on '83 Suzuki was a bad rectifier, I went down to the dealor and bent over for an OEM one.

Seeing that the bike was already on it's second rectifier I decided to get anal and cut the wires back of the (very nice) solder job so as to have only one junction.

Moments after making the cut I notice that the three wires on the other side of junction are NOT colour coded. Doh!

Two hours of magnifying glass forensic examination later I figure I know which wire was snipped from which. I am sweating about this by now. Arse still sore from OEM rectifier insertion. Calculating odds of getting it wrong (It's like Three Card Monte - a 2 to 1 bet against 3 to 1 odds - you are always gonna lose).

In this case I think I've won (I think I know where the Queen is) and everything works perfectly.

Again congratulating myself on my CSI - forensic ability I start repeating the story. Then I stumble on this great web-site - Electrix Fault Finding Chart:

I check for CBX stuff first and then go to the Suzuki stuff.

First thing they say in the Suzuki section is that if you are here to find out which colour coded rectifier wire goes to which yellow generator wire - IT DOESN'T MATTER!!

So then, I am a goof for cutting wires without complete inspection - on both sides of the junction, and compleat idiot for thinking I have a knack for get outing of a self-inflcited jam with forensic wire cut examination.

I probably didn't get them hooked up as they were anyway...

Homer Simpson lives!

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