CBXWORLD & ICOA Del Mar Bike Show Participation
Date: Thursday, October 14 @ 15:44:56 EDT
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October 16th
Del Mar Fairground Del Mar, CA
Posted by: Mike Barone/ICOA Director

CBXWORLD and ICOA are both pleased to invite you to attend and visit the CBXbooth at the Del Mar Concours D' Elegance Vintage Bike Show this Saturday,October 16.

It is a large show of all kinds of vintage bikes on the Del Mar fairgrounds. There is also a swap/sale area for vendors. It is well received and attended.

If you wish to attend as a SPECTATOR (not show your bike), you don't have todo anything except show up and park the bike in the parking lot with all theother bikes and walk on into the viewing area.

If you wish to attend with other CBXs from the area AND show your CBX at the booth inside, then take a look at 'www.batorinternational.com'; click on the'Del Mar' entry for details. Glen Bator told me that if you fill out the 'Pre-Registration' form and fax it to him (at the number on the form), he will mark you down as registered-not paid and will charge you only the $20entry when you get there Sat. This will save you $5 (a courtesy for the CBXers since the cutoff was Oct.5).

If you do not Pre-Register, you will be charged $25 registration at the gate area. You must be there at the north gate (labeled 'Solana Gate') of the Del Mar fairgrounds by 6AM (I know, I know, it's early) to get into the show area.

There is a chance (not within Glen's control) that you will have to pay the
$7 parking fee charged to the general public. Glen is working to have that fee waived but has no control of it.

There is a map of the Del Mar fairgrounds on the website to help you find your way, along with some motel listings.

If there is anything I can do to help, please email me: jjbigger@juno.com

C'mon out
Jim Bigger

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