Just too cool tools
Date: Sunday, August 01 @ 20:07:29 EDT
Topic: Technical

One of the more innovative tools of value to the CBX owner is the Gunson Gastester. Its a digital CO meter designed for the home weekend warrior. This little gem takes the guesswork out of tuning your carburetors. Operation is simple. Hook it up to a car battery and calibrate it to the atmosphere by turning the knob. Give it about 15 minutes to warm up and stabilize. And you are ready to test like a pro.The Gunson Gastester is highly accurate, reliable and well documented. It even comes with a reprint of John Seltzers article The care and feeding of the mature CBX It is distributed in the USA by Auto Expert Products and runs about $169.00 they also appear on eBay on a fairly regular basis. This is one product that gets 2 big thumbs up from this CBX nut.

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