Laguna Seca 2004
Date: Tuesday, July 20 @ 00:11:12 EDT
Topic: Announcements was an emotional rollercoaster weekend. After Fridays practice we decided to have the front forks rebuilt since we were out of adjustment on damping. Dave, at
GP Tech, who was pitted three doors down stayed until 10 PM helping us out. On
Saturday we spent as much time dialing in the new settings as possible and Marc
seemed pretty happy and his times came down one whole second in the 40 minute
practice session. Finally race time arrived and we were psyched. Marc was 13th
on the grid based on his qualifying time from friday. At the green he had a
terrible start with a double wheelie but finally settled in. He came into the pits
on the second lap when the toe piece fell off the shifter. We were dejected
beyond belief and just stared at the bike while the race continued around us.
All that work and prep for naught. Suddenly, the crowd yells and on the
Jumbotron we see smoke from Zempkes bike and the race gets red flagged
because of oil on the track. Marc runs over to the official who says because
we left the bike in the pit area he can compete in the 9 lap race restart. We
have the spare missing shifter part with us and install it.
Marc has to start dead last of 32 riders but we are in the race. Well, he gets
a great start this time and by the 4th lap he is 16th. Unfortunately, while
trying to pick off the 15th and 14th riders he high sided on the corkscrew.
He was uninjured and the bike has some cosmetic damage. It was exciting
for a while there.
Gary Allen

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