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Date: Wednesday, May 28 @ 19:37:29 EDT
Topic: Announcements

CBX World is quite a bit Different from other CBX related sites out there. Its focus is to provide up to date news on what is happening within the CBX and general motorcycling community.There are many fine CBX related sites out there but it has been my observation that the site content never really changes that much on most of the sites.

No doubt working a 9 to 5 job everyday and then hacking HTML code all night can be a daunting task and can burn out even the most dedicated of webmasters. Things eventually tend to fall into a state of disrepair over time. What separates CBX World from other sites is that it is a true online community where the users of the site control its destiny. For example a rally or show report might never be enjoyed by the people interested in reading it because the content would likely never be published on the front page of a web site. Instead the information usually finds itself (rarely) posted to a message board to be forgotten about. At CBX World things are a little different. Now everyone can be a Webmaster and can submit news articles as easy as posting a message on a BBS. If you are a frustrated writer with no web experience you just found your calling. CBX World will never be run on any form of pay basis. This is merely a side hobby for me and is all about having fun. If the site were to prove to be an asset to the CBX community thatís great but I wonít hold my breath. As I said this is a hobby and all about fun. At the moment content is a little slim but what the heck you have to start somewhere right? Cheers, Dave

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